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Discover the Webware WebQMS

The web quality management system (WebQMS) combines a classic inquiry management and case management system with an innovative Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We offer cost-effective solutions with absolute transparency. The particular challenge here is to act both cost and customer-oriented.

With the WebQMS, customers can ask directly via the Internet, and companies can respond quickly, directly and, above all, paperlessly.Companies are able to respond satisfactorily to any request within one hour. This ensures that every customer feels taken seriously, because he gets the impression that his inquiry is handled with absolute priority.

Behind WebQMS it is a multifunctional web-based software application for capturing and processing customer requests. The number of users is unlimited, there are no spatial restrictions. The modular system configuration makes individual configurations possible at any time. Effectiveness is increased, recurring activities are automated, the processing time is thereby significantly reduced and the costs are effectively reduced.

  • Features

    • standardised online application for customers
    • mobile websites for smartphones
    • central input form for complaints and suggestions
    • combine and duplicate inquiries
    • recognise multiple references

    • categories Management
    • customer management
    • roles: main branch, branch, department, service provider, customer,

    • infopoint, call centre, sub-roles (user, administrator)
    • individual rights allocation
    • local and global address books
    • search functionality
    • log and history
    • manual ticket forwarding
    • automatic ticket forwarding

    • to do list
    • reminder function
    • email, SMS notifications
    • monitoring of processing and processing time and quality
    • time Management

    • statistics: freely selectable categories, periods, comparisons, graphical
    • implementation, cross tables

    • templates Management
    • rich editor (HTML format)
    • knowlege Management

    • interfaces: Excel, XML, Web services

    • multi-tenancy
    • Windows and Linux servers
  • Customer Dialogue

    The input mask is intuitive to use and is implemented in the form of an assistant.

    The masks offer the following input and selection options:

    • incident date
    • time
    • category
    • subcategory

    The customer is given the opportunity to print a proof with the complaint number. At the same time an automatic confirmation of the complaint receipt is sent by e-mail.






  • Process Enquiry













  • Evaluate Enquiry

    A reporting/statistics module is provided to evaluate the data. This module provides a clear overview of various questions.

    Types of evaluation data:

    • clients wide
    • specific locations

    Types of evaluation categories::

    • delivery option
    • opinion
    • clients
    • employee
    • proccesing status
    • service center
    • branch
    • insert date
    • category
    • type of category
    • category details
    • incident date


  • Customer Survey

    Customer Survey

    Configurate Questions



  • Employee Survey

    Employee survey

    Configurate Questions



  • Administration

    Category Tree