Our Technology

We provide a web-platform for continuous data processing of paper documents, photos and scans; data labeling, data analytics and forecasting.

Technology stack: python, rabbitmq, postgresql, nginx, golang, pytorch.

We use state-of-art machine learning algorithms to recognize texts and images and classify documents. You can tune the system to help it better work with your data. Set your own fields, define patterns, and create groups and classes of documents.

Use our collaborative labelling GUI to better solve the task of text and image recognition. Use labelled data to test your specialists.

Our algorithms improve every day. The more data you process, the better the results are.

All the data is stored in your database to let you access it anytime. You can search and filter it, and find connections. For example, find all the documents, related by a subject or an object of law.

Build reports, piecharts and trend lines. We provide BI tools to help you analyze your data.

We use microservice architecture and private and public clouds to fullfil the need of increase in performance and productivity.